Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nails of the Day - Hue Rang, Dorothy Who + Navy Shatter

Hi Everyone!

I have a ton of pictures of stuff I've been wearing the past few days that are just waiting to be posted, so I'm going to try to mix a bit of that in along with more current stuff.

Today though, I thought it would be nice to show y'all what I'm wearing right now. :D

Of course, I saw some swatches of OPI's Serena Williams Grape Set Match duo, and of course I had to go hunt it down. Needless to say, I also picked up some other interesting things (Navy Shatter, and another OPI).

I was originally planning to put the navy shatter over China Glaze's Ahoy! (which I was wearing at the time) but I ended up applying the shatter and mucking it up by mowing the lawn (saving my tomatoes comes before manicures!)

Anyhow, I decided to try it over China Glaze's Dorothy Who?, and Finger Paints' Hue Rang?
Finger Paints - Hue Rang? Pretty shimmery-almost frosty lavender purple. Sorry about the smudge marks, this one was taken after mowing the lawn.
Hue Rang? with Navy Shatter on top. I like this.
And now, the glitterbomb that is Dorothy Who? Love this one, even though it is going to be a pain to take off. I really like how the shatter allows some of the sparkle through too. (Again, apologize for the mess!)

This was my first try at using an OPI Shatter, and I thought that it was quite easy to use. The navy shatter itself has a jelly-like quality, which is awesome.

Well, that's all for today. Sorry if my sentences don't really make sense (or if I'm not really making sense in general), but it's lawn mowing season, and that means stuffed/runny noses, watery eyes and repeated sneezing. >_<

Bye for now!
*Edit: realized I posted the un-watermarked photos, so I've changed those.. silly me!*


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