Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Finger Paints Magnetic Effects Collection Swatches

Hi everyone!

Are any of you starting to feel... magnetic'd out? I've been avoiding buying too many magnetic polishes, mostly because I find them a bit on the expensive side. I've actually been on a kind of unofficial no-buy for the past little while (which I've actually kind of kept!). That being said, I don't have that many magnetic polishes, so I'm not tired of them just yet.

Today I have 4 magnetic polishes from Finger Paints (you can find them at Sally's). Usually I have some difficulty applying magnetic polishes (inexperience mostly) but I found these ones really easy to apply and pattern-ize (don't mind me, I feel like making up new words).

Without further ado, here they are!
Cop an Attitude: A burnt-ish orange. I think the picture really will describe the colour much better than I can put into words.

 Electro-Midnight: a blue/navy magnetic. My favourite out of the 4.

Steel the Night: I would describe this colour as a gunmetal grey. In the bottle (without the magnetic effect) I was thinking I would really like this colour since I have a tendency to overlook grey-black polishes. I think it's definitely much better with the magnetic effect to give it some personality. ;)

Hipnotic: A berry-magenta magnetic polish. I don't have a magnetic polish in my collection that's this colour so I really like this one. I'm not sure how this would compare to similar magnetic shades that are being released by other companies, but if I ever manage to get my paws on those I'll definitely do some comparisons.

Overall, I liked these polishes. I found them easy to apply and the magnet was attached to a cap that was removable, which definitely made application easier. I can proudly say that I did not manage to touch the magnet to the polish even once with these (applause all around!). Pigmentation was nice, I did two coats for each polish. All of the bottles I got had the wavy magnet design, but I'm planning on trying them out with the star design from the China Glaze magnet soon. :D

Whew. That's all for today!

Hope you're all enjoying your day and thank you so much for reading!


Monday, 23 April 2012

Glitter Gal Bronze 3D Sparkle

Hi everyone!

Ah, it feels like forever since I had the time to actually write out a post. It feels good to be back. I feel free, but I made myself a list of chores and things to do so I still feel like I have lots to do. :P

An update on the 1 year celebrations, all I really know right now is that I want to have a giveaway (but I still don't know what the prize will be). I want it to be themed, but I also want that theme to represent me (at least a little bit!). I'm still thinking about it!

Anyhow, today's polish post has been long in the making. I received a bunch of polishes in the mail a while ago from Llarowe to review, but the posts on each polish have been churning out pretty slowly. I was at first a bit hesitant about the Glitter Gal 3D Sparkle polishes, especially since I'm pretty much crazy about their holographic polishes - I just didn't really think that the 3D Sparkle polishes could compare to the gloriousness of the 3D Holographic line.

At some length, I picked up Bronze 3D Sparkle and tried it on. It's actually really amazing. Check it out!

Look at that sparkle? Isn't it fabulous? I would describe it as a clear-ish base with a lot of copper-y foil and holographic particles. It is a bit sheer, but I find that it reaches opacity in 3-4 coats without much fuss. If the rest of the 3D Sparkle polishes are like this, I think I'm going to need to add them to my wishlist. It's fantastic. I'm glad I picked it up this time around. :D

What do y'all think? Have you ever had those moments when you were SURE you wouldn't like a polish, only to try it and be smitten?

Glitter Gal polishes (and many other brands!) can be purchased from the Llarowe website. There are TONS of different gorgeous polishes there, so I definitely suggest you check it out!

Thank you for reading!


**The product(s) featured in this post were provided to me for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are purely my own. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine

Hi everyone!

Another short post today, I should really be studying for an exam I have tomorrow! I probably won't be able to get around to posting again until Saturday or Sunday (after my last exam), so I'm going to leave y'all with some pictures of a gorgeous polish... RBL's Catherine!

I wonder what this would look like matte? I've been on a matte kick lately... hmm. :D

Thanks for reading! See you guys in a week!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

China Glaze Stone Cold

Hi everyone!

Just a few words today, since I should really be studying for my first exam (which is Saturday! Eep!). today I have another polish from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection! This one is called Stone Cold.

Stone Cold is a matte polish (which totally makes sense) and it has a shimmer in it and keeps it from being completely flat and gives it a cool texture. I must confess that I don't really like the look of matte cremes (it reminds me of coloured chalk) but I do like the look of matte shimmers. I'm definitely going to give matte glitters a whirl sometime. :D

Anyhow, this polish went on very smoothly, but didn't give me any problems balding (which is a major plus) even though it dried pretty fast. Just to see how it'd look, I also put a top coat over this to see what it'd look like shiny...

What do you guys think? I think that this one is a winner both matte and shiny. I'm super glad I picked this one up. :D

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

China Glaze Agro

Hi everyone! I hope you all have something fantastic planned for Easter weekend!

Today I'm going to show you an amazing polish... I wasn't even planning on buying this one, but my sister bought it and when I put it on it was pretty much love at first brushstroke!

There are a LOT of pictures in this post, so lets get started...


Agro applied pretty much like butter! This is two coats. In these pictures it looks a bit brushstroke-y, but it wasn't really all that noticeable in person at all.

Lately I think I've been attrated to certain polishes because their names remind me of geeky things. I didn't even associate this polish with anything until I actually got it into my hands and read the name... and then I thought of this...

From: http://www.bio.davidson.edu/people/kabernd/seminar/2002/method/dsmeth/ds.htm
 Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Affectionately known by some (including myself) as Agro. Responsible for some crown galls that you see occasionally on tree trunks, and is very useful for introducing genetic constructs into plant cells.

Anyway... back to the polish. I wondered how this polish would look matte, so I put a coat of Matte Magic on top, and this is what happened...

I love it. It's awesome. I'm obsessed with matte finishes now, especially this matte shimmer thing. Adding a matte top coat to a shimmer just gives it so much more depth. I think I'm going to be using Maate Magic a lot more in the near future... :D

Thanks for reading! Happy Easter!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso

Hi everyone!

My lab final yesterday went alright, I ended on a question I didn't really know the answer to though, so I felt pretty miserable after. I got super frustrated with my hair since I'd let to grow out for the past 3 or so years and I felt like it was getting long and kind of straggly, and my white hairs just contribute to the curly wackiness that it is. Long rambling story short, I ended up spontaneously deciding to get my hair cut into a bob. The last time I did this all of my split ends, etc, etc vanished, so I'm thinking my hair will be much happier short.

ANYWAY, rambling/tangents aside, my brain still hurts from my exam, so it'll be a short-filled-with-pretty-pictures post!

I'll be featuring Rescue Beauty Lounge's Piu Mosso today. This is a gorgeous navy with coppery-orangey-firey shimmer, which makes it totally awesome. It's kind of one of the polishes I'm super craving, which would be a navy blue OR a bright copper solution blue with copper flakies. Just plain copper flakies, not the iridescent kind. I'm still going to end up buying Deborah Lippmann's Ray of Light (even though the flakies are the pink-gold-green kind and not just coppery), but you all know what I'm craving now.

If I'm not really making sense right now, it's okay. Give it a day or two and my brain will get back to functioning properly. :P

 Piu Mosso applied like butter. Pretty much a one coater, but I used two for good measure in these photos!

Sorry about the rambling! Hope y'all have a good Easter weekend!


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cult Nails Power Thief

Hi everyone!

Not many words today, since I have a quiz tomorrow and a lab final on Wednesday I need to study for (should be studying now, actually! Shh!)

What interesting things can I mention... hmm. I'm thinking of possibly doing a Spring cleaning blogsale if I can manage to figure out how much the shipping would be, and all of the complicated customs stuff. I'll probably consult one of my sisters on this (she does shipping stuff) so we'll probably be able to jointly figure something out. Also, my one year blog anniversary is coming up! I haven't decided on any prizes yet (actually I haven't really thought of it much) but a giveaway will be coming eventually. I'm probably going to miss the actual date since it's right smack dab in the middle of my final exams for this semester, but I'll try to make it happen sometime after that.

Anyway, already tons of rambling from me. :P

Today's polish is one I feel really bad about not posting earlier! It's from the Cult Nails Superpowers collection from this past Fall. check it out!

It's a gorgeous milk chocolate brown with tons of silver shimmer scattered through it!

Thank y'all for reading! :D