Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Review: Duri Rejuvacote Nail Treatment

***Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but for the last two weeks I've been taking Duri's Rejuvacote for a spin on my nails, and while nail polish can be worn at the same time as the treatment, I opted to use only the Rejuvacote so I could watch the progression on my whole nail.

From the back of the box:
Rejuvacote the nail doctor will heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails.

Directions: Begin with clean dry nails. Apply one coat of Rejuvacote as base coat. Apply nail color is desired. Apply Rejuvacote as top coat, daily. After 7 days, remove with polish remover. As your nails improve, apply every other day or as needed. 

I was keen to try this treatment when I first received it in the post. I had recently returned from a short trip to Paris (my first trip overseas! It was beautiful!) during which I forgot to bring my handcare supplies with me (they're in a separate little bag from my other self-care products). Of course, the trip only being 4 days long and pretty short, I thought I could get away without moisturizing. A little note to myself in the future - don't ever do that again. When I got back, my nails were in TERRIBLE shape. I've never had this kind of damage over such a short period, but I think it was probably due to a bunch of factors like not moisturizing, the weather there (it was hot-ish and dry, and really windy), and not being hydrated enough.

Ready to see some horrible nails? This is when I started the Rejuvacote treatment (and got back into my usual handcare routine - hence the dry, sad, cuticles. If you're wondering what my handcare routine is, I use shea butter, lotions, and a mix of oils (argan, jojoba) on my cuticles daily and before I sleep).  I'd like to mention as well that my nails felt really dry and brittle. Brittle to a point where tapping my nails on a desk or hard surface made this weird vibrating feeling in my fingers that kind of hurt.

Note: I've summarized my thoughts at the bottom in a nice little list - I realized that my ramblings can be a bit confusing (at least to me), so a summary would be useful. Also, It helps me remember some things I wanted to comment about that I don't remember while I'm rambling.

(Day 1) Eek! Thank goodness for the strategically placed watermark! ;)
 I started the treatment by applying one coat of Rejuvacote. I have a picture of this too, although it doesn't look much different from the one above.

The splits are still there - the base layer of Rejuvacote reflects more light than my bare nail and so the splits don't jump out at you as much as before.

I continued applying Rejuvacote daily for the next week. After a week I removed the Rejuvacote from my nails and started again, only applying every other day, as directed on the bottle. I didn't feel like there had been any major changes after a week, so I neglected to take any photos (shame on me, I know). Today is the 2 week mark though, and I have pictures! I gotta admit, I'm really surprised with the growth and general difference there is visible on my nails.

Day 14
Day 14
Day 14
Day 14
Day 14
Just a few updates: The splits on my nails are still there (although the one on my middle finger isn't as noticeable anymore), but haven't spread at all. My nails don't feel as brittle anymore (on their own, after the Rejuvacote is removed). They still don't feel as strong as I would like them to, but I notice that they are a bit stronger. Also, the growth! I didn't notice how much my nail had grown, but comparing the photos I must say I am surprised. I usually can't grow my nails out very long because they feel like they'll snap after a little bit, but the Rejuvacote treatment makes my nails feel strong, like I could actually maybe growth them out into stilettos without tearing a nail first.


Product: Duri Rejuvacote
Ingredients: ethyl acetate, n-butyl acetate, nytrocellulose, formaldehyde resin, isopropyl alcohol, camphor, calcium pantothenate, gelatin, hydrolyzed keratin protein, formaldehyde , vitamin a, vitamin e.

- The layers of Rejuvacote on the nail make it feel strong and less likely to break.
- After the Rejuvacote is removed, my nails feel stronger (on their own).
- May help with nail growth. At the very least, I feel like I can achieve lengths that I didn't think I reach before.
- Stopped existing splits from spreading.
- Glossy, and can be used as a top coat and a base coat. Since I like the strengthening feeling on my nails, I would definitely use it as a base coat and top coat.

- Not quick drying.
- Has a tendency to chip rather easily (like the next day). It doesn't matter as much since you reapply it, but I'm not sure if it'll still chip as easily as a top coat (that can be more problematic).
- The smell is strong. I've gotten used to the smell of nail polish over the years, but this one is something else. Make sure to apply in a well ventilated area!
- Not "3 free" or "5 free" for that matter. Contains formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin as strengtheners.

I'm curious to test Rejuvacote further. I've heard on the grapevine that not everyone has had great results (I've very happy with how my nails have progressed), so I may pass Rejuvacote on to my sister (who has really weak nails that split, chip, tear, you name it - all the time regardless of how well she cares for her nails). I feel like she'd be the ultimate test. I'll make sure she documents how it goes for her!

What do y'all think? Have any of you tried out Rejuvacote? What kind of results did you get? I'm curious to see how it has worked across many different people, since nail conditions vary from person to person.

Thank you for reading! I'm hoping to have a huge holo-tastic post up for you sometime in the future (I need to swatch my most recent Colors by Llarowe haul!).

Have a great week everyone!

Duri Rejuvacote can be purchased from several online retailers, including Nail Polish Canada.


*** Products in this post were sent for review. All opinions expressed are my own.