Friday, 17 June 2011

Cult Nails Week - Cruisin' Nude

Good morning everyone!

Today for Cult Nails week, I have Cruisin' Nude to share with you all.

Out of all of the Cult Nails polishes I have received, this one was the only one that I had a tiny bit of trouble applying (I'm thinking inexperience). Actually I can compare this to some other colours belong to other brands that I have used, so it's not too bad.. maybe I'm just being spoiled by all of the other Cult Nails polishes.

Cruisin' Nude is a medium beige with some awesome subtle pink shimmer.

Even though I had some trouble with this one, I'm not about to give it up for anything! This colour is a welcome addition to my collection, which is seriously lacking in neutrals. Besides, that pink shimmer is gorgeous.

Well, that's all for now.. Have a great day!

Cruisin' Nude and other Cult Nails polishes can be purchased online for $10 each at the Cult Nails website.


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