Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Color Club - Wicked Sweet

Hello everybody!

Today I have Color Club's Wicked Sweet set to show you!
This was purchased at Winners for $12.99 by my sister (I mentioned this in the Keep it Under Cover post).
This set features bright summer colours that are also fruit-scented. I'm fairly sensitive to smells (especially those sweet smelling candy fruit smells) so you probably already have an idea of what I thought of the scent. Out of all of them, the only one I liked (smell wise) was the grape. The rest of them weren't as bad as I was originally expecting!

Get Your Lem-On - Lemon scented
The Lime Starts Here - Lime Scented
Gimme a Grape Big Kiss - Grape Scented
I always get my Man-Darin - I guess you could say that this is orange scented
Wicked Sweet - Another hard to describe scent. It smells.. sweet?
Yum Gum -gum scented, reminds me of old fashioned pink bubblegum
Raspberry Rush - Raspberry scented
The colours in the pictures are a bit off, these are all very bright (GYLO and TLSH are highlighter colours for reference).
In terms of coverage, Get Your Lem-On and I always get my Man-Darin were both very sheer. Actually, most of these were kind of thin, with the exception of Yum Gum.

In conclusion, I really like these colours (yup, bright stuff), but I'm not too crazy about the scent. I don't mind perfume (in small quantities) but I think my nose is still scarred from memories of high school and Axe sprayed in copious quantities in the narrow hallways. I mean, yeah maybe a little bit of scent will make you seem attractive to women. Okay. Try not to kill any interested parties before they actually get within 5 feet of you first.

Have a great day all!


PS: I have midterm exams on Friday and Monday, so I'll be focusing on studying and not posting.. but I have a post scheduled so there won't be too many days of post-lessness. :)

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