Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cult Nails Week - My Kind of Cool Aid

Hello everyone, I'm baaaaack!

Finally done my first set of midterms, so now I have about 3 weeks before I have to stress about the next set!
As I probably mentioned in one of the last posts, my package from Cult Nails has arrived!

I had been reading Maria's blog for sometime, before I decided to bite the bullet and finally own some of that awesomeness I had been drooling over. My sister and I (we like to order things together) ended up getting the whole A Day at the Races Collection, and 3 of the inaugural collection (missing Quench).

Today I have My Kind of Cool Aid to share with y'all.

MKOCA is a dusty light purple with some subtle silver shimmer. I wasn't really that excited about this one, but everything changed when I put it on. I actually really like this colour. I also realized after I put it on that it actually matches the colour of my bedsheets exactly (see, this was meant to be!)!!
MKOCA in the sun.

 MKOCA in the shade.

What do you think? Like it? What is your favourite Cult Nails shade?

In other news, I MAY be going to Las Vegas with family for Canada Day. I'm busy trying to plan out where to go to shop.. especially for polish! I really want to hit a bunch of stores like Sally's and ULTA, but it doesn't seem like any are close to the strip (probably where we'll be staying) and I can't drive either. Hm, maybe I'll convince someone to drive me there..

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

My Kind of Cool Aid and other Cult Nails polishes can be purchased online for $10 each at the Cult Nails website.



  1. This is the shade I'm most excited about in my inaugural collection shipment :). Looks beautiful on you :)

  2. This is great color! I love Cult Nails polish. My favorite Cult Nails shade is Captivated.

  3. @Marta thanks! I think the whole inaugral collection is awesome! I don't have quench yet, but I think I may pick that up in
    my next order!

    @Steph I love cult nails polishes too! I'm excited about the next collection now!


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