Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nail Polish Canada needs your help!

Hi everyone! 

I just have a quick shout out on behalf of Nail Polish Canada today. I'm not being compensated for posting this at all, but I would definitely like to support NPC because 1) This is an AMAZING opportunity and 2) I frequently buy polish from them online since their prices are reasonable and they usually offer free shipping to Canadians for a really reasonable minimum purchase or even for no fee at all! Combine this with the fact that I usually get my purchase in 1-2 days since I live in Vancouver! 

Anyhow, onto the announcement. I'll be back again soon (later this week hopefully!) with more swatches of polish!

For immediate release:

Nail Polish Canada (almost) the best e-tailer in Canada is close to being named the best e-commerce company in Canada as part of Canada Post’s E-Commerce Awards and needs your help. was selected as a finalist for best e-tailers in Canada by a panel of judges including executives at Facebook and Google (So yes Dad, nail polish is a “thing”!).

As for who will be crowned the Consumer Champion it now comes down to a vote

“It’s been thrilling to work with so many great customers and bloggers over the past few years. So thank-you all for building into a company worthy of such an honor. Sam even teared up a little bit as he wrote this sentence pretending to be me.” - Nikki, VP Glitter. 

To encourage everybody to show their support and vote, is offering up to $2000 in prizes!

How it works

Vote for NPC

You can vote every day. Voting runs from August 28th to September 20th 12:00PM.
You must record your vote to enter & win at Nail Polish Canada’s vote page here.

Voting & prizes are open to Canadian and U.S. residents.

Daily Draw
There is a daily thank-you draw for everybody who voted that day for awesome prizes!

Bonus: If Nail Polish Canada Wins the Vote

This is the kicker, if wins Consumer Champion then we’re having a huge giveaway with two winners!

Grand Prize #1: 24 bottles of Enchanted Nail Polish
Grand Prize #2: $1000 shopping spree at Nail Polish Canada

Both prizes are awarded separately and every day you voted for us as Consumer Champion is one entry to win. 

Prizes are only open to Canadian and U.S. residents. See for full details.

For further info please contact

Wow! I would LOVE to win a $1000 shopping spree at Nail Polish Canada. I can just imagine what I'd buy... :D

Thank you all for reading! I'll see you again sometime this week! :)


Monday, 26 August 2013

OPI San Francisco Mini Set Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were given to me as a gift from Sisi of Color4Nails. I am under no obligation to promote her polish store and do not gain anything from doing so. Any opinions presented in this post are my own.

Hi Everyone!

*Gasp* - another post! So soon... it's a miracle! Well, I found some time to sit down and write a post (who am I kidding? I'm supposed to be wading my way through academic papers right now). I figure you've all seen polishes from this collection about a million times by now, but I'll just swing some of my own quick swatches for you. I recently received the OPI San Francisco Mini set in the mail as a gift from Sisi at Color4Nails (I gave her permission to use some of my swatch pictures on her Facebook page and she wanted to send me a gift, which was very sweet of her). Thanks to her, I was able to try some polishes that I probably wouldn't have purchased on my own (I wasn't too impressed by the promo images of the collection).

Anyhow, I won't bore you too much with my rambling! Onto the polish!

In the Cable Car-pool Lane: A fairly standard dark plum/burgundy. Not an extremely exciting colour for me - I probably wouldn't be able to convince myself to buy this polish if I had seen it on a shelf somewhere since I'd probably have something very close to this in the 600+ bottles of polish that I own. It does have a very nice jelly-esque squishiness to it though. I used 3 coats.

First Date at the Golden Gate: A kind of reddy-burnt orange shade. Like In the Cable Car-pool Lane, it has the squishy look of a jelly with the more opaque formula of a creme. I used 3 coats for this swatch.

Peace, Love, and OPI: Silvery sage-blue-purple duochrome that reminds me of the northern lights. Undoubtedly one of the most buzzed about polishes from the San Fran collection. Initially I had only planned to pick up this polish from the collection, and I'm not too disappointed. I knew from prior swatches that it was going to be frosty, but the duochrome is actually really strong in this polish and kind of makes up for it. Streaks aside, I was pleasantly surprised that the formula isn't too thin - I used 3 thin coats for my swatch here.

Muir, Muir on the Wall: The dark horse in the collection for me. I would have completely passed this one over if it weren't for this mini set. When I swatched this polish I pretty much fell in love with it then and there, and ran out to buy a full size bottle. I can't even describe this one, but the important thing is that it has this beautiful red-coppery slightly duochrome shimmer that is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

So, what do y'all think? I'm glad I got to try Muir, Muir on the Wall, since I probably wouldn't have known about how awesome it is if I didn't! It's seriously one of those colors I pass by on the shelf/counter and don't look at more closely. Thank you Sisi for your generosity!

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you all have a great week!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My picks from the China Glaze Autumn Nights Collections

Hi everyone, long time no see!

Sorry I've been away so long - the usual combination of work and family drama have been added stress lately. I didn't realize how long I've been on the periphery of the nail polish world until I went to my supply store the other day... I didn't realize until then that I hadn't checked out the store since the end of April!

I managed to hold off the polish hoarder in me enough to spend a reasonable amount of polish. I avoided buying the whole collection and limited myself to only a few shades, which I managed to swatch (instead of leaving them on my swatching desk for later). Anyhow, enough of my chittering! Onto the polish! Please click read more after the cut to see my swatches of these polishes!

Left to right: Tongue & Chic, Queen B, Red-y & Willing, Rendezvous with You, Strike up a Cosmo, Goldie but Goodie, and Gossip over Gimlets.