Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cult Nails Week - Let Me Fly

Whew, that was a lot of Cult Nails! I hope you guys have enjoyed that as much as I have!

To conclude Cult Nails week, I bring to you one of my favourites from the A Day at the Races collection.. Let Me Fly!
Let Me Fly is a dusty teal-blue chock full of silver shimmer. I. Love. This. Love at first brushstroke anyone? I got so excited after I put this one on that I ran around and started showing everyone.
See what I mean? I love this. Looove.
That's why I saved it for last!

So I guess my favourites out of this whole stash would be (in no particular order): Let Me Fly, Living Water, Devious Nature, Iconic, Captivated, My Kind of Cool Aid, Always Winning and Cruisin' Nude.

Oh, what's that? Those are all of the Cult Nails polishes I've shown you?
..Oopsies. ;D

So, now it's your turn! What is your favourite out of the lot of them?
And if you don't have any of these yet.. what are you waiting for?! If you love blue, I think Let Me Fly is calling your name!

Let Me Fly and other Cult Nails polishes can be purchased online for $10 each at the Cult Nails website.

Have a nice day!


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  1. I agree... They are all so pretty it isq hard to find a favorite


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