Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Current NOTD

Hi everyone!

I had my last midterm today and I just feel really.. drained. I need a nap.

Sooo, a short-ish post today. This is a mix of stamping/random tape colourblocking. I've really been into stamping lately, so you'll probably see more of that in the upcoming posts and such.

This is another image from the N.Nail B65 plate (SPPMB65) from the e-shop KKCenterHk, which I reviewed in this post. I used China Glaze's Kinetic Candy for the design, and Recycle for the base. I then used tape to make some random triangle-y bits. Triangle-y bits? Yeah, my brain is fried.

Sorry for the dry cuticles etc, winter is definitely the worst season for my skin.

Hope y'all enjoy! You can purchase this stamping plate from can purchase this stamping plate from the KKCenterHk online store. In the meantime, if you use the coupon code livelylacquer (valid until January 31, 2013) you can get 10% off your purchase! Yay!

Thanks you reading! I'm going to take that nap now :D


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    Perfect colours ! Love love love!

  2. Thank you Marta!! Your comment means a lot to me since you are pretty much a stamping goddess in my eyes! :D

    1. Lol! I've never been called a goddess of anything before. I'm flattered and THANK YOU!
      But I bow down to you on this one... This look is perfect :)

  3. love this, its a beautiful colour combination xx


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