Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Butter London Dosh

Hi everyone!

My last midterm is coming up (it's next Wednesday), so I might not lurking around on twitter or the blog as much as I usually do (I'm there but you just can't see me most of the time!)... never fear! I have a folder that's getting pretty huge with unposted pictures, so I'm going to get some of those scheduled after I type this post out. There won't be as much commentary or rambling going on in the post (which can be a good thing depending on who you ask ;) ) but I'm going to try to get them all scheduled for every other day or so. I also have some presentations to work on (and present) later on in March, so you may see some posts experimenting with some more work friendly colours.

Anyhow, today we have a polish that I wasn't sure would work well with my skintone, and I'm still not completely sold. It's one of the first Butter London (along with Victoriana, coming later) polishes I've tried though, and so far it doesn't seem too shabby. This is three coats.

I'm on the fence about getting the Black Knight (I should get it though... the name alone is enough for me lol). Okay, I'll probably be picking that up sometime. Did I mention that I'm on a absolute no-buy at the moment? You're probably going to see a lot of polishes added to my wishlist for now... I'm really lemming those upcoming Cult Nails collections... sigh.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling for today! Thanks for reading!



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