Friday, 27 May 2011

Steady As She Rose + Cracked Concrete

Good morning everyone!

I haven't taken off my Canucks mani yet, so today I'm going to show you what I did on my left hand. I'm thinking of taking off my Canucks mani when I get home later tonight though.. since the topcoat I used made my designs all bubbly and gross.

I got Cracked Concrete from China Glaze's crackle collection yesterday, and I was eager to try it. I'm really glad I got it now, instead of just writing off crackles after my difficulty with Lightening Bolt (PITA to try to get it to crack the way I wanted it to). Cracked Concrete crackled like a dream. I had no problems whatsoever, and I didn't have to be as careful with how much polish I used with each stroke (like I had to with Lightening Bolt).

I was in a foul mood while doing my nails, so I was finding fault with all of the polish I used (did my nails in a few different colours before finding a combination that I liked). I won't mention some of the problems I had, since I think most of the issues I had were caused by me being sloppy and impatient.

Anyway, onto the good stuff..
Please excuse my pinky nail.. it broke off rather short, and I just left it.

I tried to apply the crackle in a kind of zig-zag pattern instead of the usual straight, and I think it looks good! I'm fairly pleased with this colour combination.

Hmm, I may have changed my mind about crackles now.. I think I'll pick up a few bottles of the Metal Crackle set in the summer.. ;)

What are your favourite crackle combinations?



  1. Wow, that crackle is perfection. I like the technique you used. Works really well :)

  2. Ah, so that's the secret of this unique crackle-zigzagging it! Very clever. :)
    I have on a lavender base with a rose crackle over it. The crackle is from Mia Secrets and I just got it a couple of days ago. I haven't seen a rose color crackle before.

  3. Thanks Marta!

    Kimberly - rose coloured crackle sounds awesome! I must keep my eyes peeled for that brand!


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