Sunday, 15 May 2011

It's late, but I'm not asleep.. yet.

Good morning everyone (it's 1:30AM right now, so it's early early morning!)

Just another quick post (unless I start rambling on about things) before I hit the soft, kind of comfortable thing that is my bed for the night. Why "kind of comfortable"? Well, have you ever had a cat step all over you at night and try to sleep on your chest? Yeah. It's not that bad, considering she mostly sleeps on the bed.. but flat out on the middle of the bed seems like the prime spot. Tell me about it.

Anyhow, after I got the huge package I described (in pictures) in the previous post, I decided to do my nails (hmm, deja-vu.. I probably mentioned this briefly in the last post too). Since I'm so indecisive, I used 4 colours with two colors alternating on each hand. I'm weird, I know, but having mismatched hands doesn't bother me. I had China Glaze Spontaneous and Grape Pop on one hand, and Something Sweet and Heli-Yum on the other. I did this late at night after my last post, and it turned out horribly.. for some reason I had issues applying the polish (mainly Something Sweet.. it seemed a bit on the gooey side) but the problems could have been because of inexperience or maybe because I was just so darn tired.

No pictures of this paint-job, it looked horrible and I ended up taking it off the next day as soon as I had time.

After I took off that massive fail, I put on something I think turned out much better.

I used China Glaze's Lemon Fizz (a light pastel yellow from the Up&Away collection), Mermaid's Tears (a murky pastel-y green from the new OPI Pirates collection) and topped them with China Glaze's White Cap.
In full sun
In part sun/shade to show the shimmer
I had no problems with applying any of the polish (aside from having to redo a nail.. but that was because I smacked it on something and it made a nasty smudge). I keep finding myself more and more drawn towards the Pirates of the Caribbean collection every time I go into a salon and see the polishes there.. and I must admit I rather like Mermaid's Tears. I also saw the Silver Shatter in massive quantities at a beauty supply shop I visited, and I'm kind of tempted to buy it.. and MAYBE On Stranger Tides. *sigh* I think this obsession is getting out of hand.

I really love the shimmer of White Cap on top of the polishes though, I'm even thinking about getting a back up bottle, even though my bottle is pretty much brand new.

Urgh. I'm tired now.. I've already spent way more time than I expected rambling. Time to tune out and turn off!

Ta-ta all,


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