Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Nubar - Peacock Feathers and my first attempt at Konading

Happy Tuesday everyone,

We had an election yesterday (Canadian federal election) and I could say a lot about it.. but.. let's just avoid it.

Anyhow, my sister recently bought Nubar - Peacock Feathers off of Ebay, and she was kind enough to bring it over so I could get my paws on it. Peacock Feathers is a nice deep purple duochrome that flashes blue, gold and green in the sun (like a peacock's tail feathers..). I used 3 coats for the pictures below (sorry for the slight tipwear, I didn't have time to take pictures until now, and it didn't help that it rained miserably all day yesterday).

Peacock Feathers in the shade, a deep eggplant purple (you can see a bit of the duochrome here on my index and middle fingers)

Peacock Feathers in the sun, with green and gold showing.
I thought the formula was good (maybe a tad on the watery side) but I had no difficulties applying the polish. It's a very mesmerizing polish, and I think I may get some of the other Nubar duochrome polishes in the future. The wear on this polish isn't too bad either, this was done Sunday and it only has a slight bit of tipwear even though I had bashed my nails around while doing some gardening.

My sister also had ordered some Konad and Bundle Monster plates.. so today I had fun playing around with stamping.

For the stamping I used BM15 and BM20 in Color Club - Fashion Addict (which is a slight holo) over Peacock Feathers

BM15, BM20 in Fashion Addict over Peacock Feathers (shade)

BM15, BM20 in Fashion Addict over Peacock Feathers (sun)

Not too bad for my first time stamping either.. I think I'm hooked! :D

Nubar - Peacock Feathers is currently discontinued, but can be purchased on Ebay.

In other news, we've just made a large order of polish from online, and should be getting it sometime in the next two weeks!

Have you tried Konading before? What stamps are your favourites to use? What is your favourite duochrome polish?

-Marisa <3

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