Sunday, 31 July 2011

China Glaze - Westside Warrior

Hi everyone!

Happy Saturday! I'm not really doing anything special today.. I think.

I'm still a pretty happy camper, but my final exams for the summer semester are just around the corner (urgh) so I'll probably be away for a little while (double urgh) studying.. but I'll give you a heads up when that date comes closer. No worries though, I'll have a guest blogger (my sister, who has more free time than I do and probably changes her polish more frequently now than me) taking the reins while I'm away.

I'll also be away for a week in August (I'm going to Washington DC -with a brief trip to NYC and Philly.. YAY)
I'll have scheduled posts by then, so hopefully we won't have any large gaps in posting. I'll still be around on twitter, so feel free to tweet me @livelylacquer !! :D

Anyhow, onto the polish.. today I have the only polish I purchased from the China Glaze Fall 2011 collection (it was the only one left, but it happened to be the one I wanted).. Westside Warrior!
I really love this colour! it applied easily and dried fast in two coats.It's a beautiful military/khaki green but my little sister describes it as "putrefied mold.. that's green" and refuses to go anywhere near it (hmm, I wonder if I can make this her pedi colour while she's asleep.. hmmmm)..

I also stamped a really nice vine pattern in gold overtop, which gave it a really nice kinda antique brocade look, but none of my pictures look right and in macro the stamping doesn't look that great, so I'm not going to post any pictures right now. Maybe later when my stamping technique is better I'll do it again.

Well, it's time to go off to DQ to get a blizzard. :D

Have a great Saturday!!


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