Friday, 23 December 2011

Something festive!

Hi everyone!

Today's post is a festive mani I did for my sweater party a few days ago!

I actually just realized that I haven't actually worn many of the Zoya polishes I got in the summer (bad me!), so hopefully the next time I don't know what to wear, those will be in my mind somewhere!

Today's post features Zoya's Ivanka and Kimmy!
Unfortunately, the colour of this picture is a bit more blue tinged. Ivanka (the green) is a super shiny, awesome money green colour )so less blue than it appears in this photo) and Kimmy is a firey golden-red which actually is really stunning in person. The only downside to this mani was that Kimmy managed to stain the crap out of my ring finger even though I used basecoat. Still very pretty though.

On my other hand I had the reverse, so I had Ivanka as an accent finger. None of my pictures really turned out though.. so sorry about that!

Happy holidays everyone!


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