Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cult Nails Time Traveler

Hi everyone!

Today I have one of the polishes from the Cult Nails Winter 2011 collection for y'all!
Time Traveler is a navy blue creme that is just awesome. I found it easy to control and it dries with a great shine. Actually, you can see the lamp post outside my house reflected in the polish in one of the pictures!

Alright, that's all for now! I need to get back to working on my Top 10/20 list for 2011. I know I should have made a note of all of the awesome polishes that I've acquired, but I thought a mental note was good enough (clearly that isn't the case cuz I'm having trouble remembering all of them now!)

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day! <3



  1. Drool. Why didn't I buy this? Gah!

  2. Why didn't you! :P This is become my hands down favourite navy polish.. it's super opaque! Love it!


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