Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Ice - French Kiss

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted as much as I said I was going to in the previous post. I started working on my own last week and it has been really crazy. Pretty much every weekday since last Monday I've been working 9am to 6-7pm. I'm hoping that eventually I'll get adjusted to working and be able to get things done faster.

Besides all of the havoc work has done on my social life (I pretty much only have time to eat, shower and sleep when I get home), my nails have definitely suffered. I haven't had much time or energy to take care of them, and constantly wearing gloves (I work in a research laboratory) is pretty harsh on my hands. I did my nails one day and after a day of work I had huge chips pretty much everywhere. I'm definitely gulty of not doing my nails as frequently as I wish I could.

Anyhow, away from the rambling... today's polish is a pretty shade of cobalt blue that is pretty close to a huge lemming of mine (RBL's IKB:2012; according to online comparisons).

Pictured above is 2 coats of Pure Ice's French Kiss polish, with Cult Nails' Wicked Fast top coat.

This is a really pretty polish. I love cobalt blues, so does this really surprise you? The formula was good, I used two medium coats (although I would say that this was almost a one coater). I've heard on the grapevine that the RBL has a really crappy formula, so while it is said that French Kiss isn't exactly a dupe for the RBL, I think it's definitely good enough for me. Price wise, the Pure Ice is definitely better (at $1.98 a bottle, compared to $20/bottle RBL) and the RBL is discontinued anyway.

Definitely satisfies my lemming, although I don't know if this will stop me from buying other cobalt blue shades (I'm currently eying one from Barielle).

That's all for today! Thank you so much for reading!



  1. Wow Marisa! That's a gorgeous blue! I love cobalt blues too. :p I'll for sure be checking this one out. What a strange name for a blue though. French kiss seems more like a milky color name.

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