Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spring Orly Spam!

Hi everyone!

How are we all today? I'm relaxing a bit but still kinda stressed since I have training for my new job coming up next week. I reallllly need to go find my notes so I can review some of the more important protocol bits (I'll be working in a lab). I made a TON of orders in the past few days. Cult Nails is having a sale where all of their polishes are $7 ($3 off each) and Maria has announced that some of the polishes (including my beloved Feelin' Froggy) are going to be discontinued. I know I said I'd be really sad if she dc'ed Feelin' Froggy, but I think I feel better since it was on sale and I was able to grab a back up bottle! I also finally caved in and bought a bunch of soaps from KBShimmer. I'm planning on purchasing a sugar scrub from them too, but I figure I'll wait until I get all of my mini soaps and smell them all instead of purchasing such a big tub blind. :P I'm also super excited that Nail Polish Canada is going to get the Zoya Fall collection in tomorrow. Right now they're having a free shipping for Canadian Orders over $25, so you bet I'm going to grab some. I'm most excited for Evvie (since I love the name), but I'm going to pick up a bunch of other colours too. I love Nail Polish Canada as they're based really close to me, so I get my orders within a day or 2 of shipping. :D

Oops, that was a lot of ramble. Sorry guys. Lol!

Annyhow, today I have some Orly polishes from the Spring for you! These have been sitting in my swatch folder for a while, but I have no idea why I haven't posted them yet since they're great Spring colours! Let the spam commence!

 Faint of Heart: Grey-Taupe creme.

Jealous Much?: Pretty mint creme. I used this in my Mint Oreo chip NOTD a while ago. If I remember correctly, I thought the dry time on this polish was fairly long.

Prelude to a Kiss: Pretty soft peach for Spring. I love this colour.

You're Blushing: Pretty mauve-y grey-y polish.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!



  1. your nails are just stunning. those shades are great on you!


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