Friday, 17 August 2012

Cult Nails: Happy Ending over Princess

Hi everyone.

I'm feeling a bit down/frustrated/stressed out/angry right now. I'm going to start ranting in the next paragraph, so if you don't want to read it, you can just skip it over!

I'm supposed to start a work semester at a company in September (until the end of December) and I had training for the past two days that really pooped me out. I was talking with some of my other fellow new work semester students, and they've all been contacted by a government agency to say that they've been awarded the funding they applied for... and I haven't. Apparently they've also had to sign a formal document about employment (which I haven't had to yet), so I have this sinking feeling that they're waiting to hear if I get the funding before committing to hire me... and if I don't get it, they'll decide to drop me. Not sure if it can work this way, but I'm still really stressed out.

Okay, rant off. If any of you read that, thank you so much for bearing with me! <3

Anyhow, since I fee a little bit better now (but still stressed) I'm going to post a mani featuring polishes from one of my favourite brands ever - Cult Nails.

I think I'm going to spare you from any more epic rambling of mine, so here are the photos! Enjoy!

Princess with one coat of Happy Ending

Princess with one coat of Happy Ending

Princess on its own

Thank you for reading even though I can be a bit crazy sometimes, you guys really mean the world to me!


PS: I'm leaving for the east coast (I'm staying in the Bethesda area) on vacation for the next two weeks, so hopefully I'm planning tomorrow to get my mojo together to shedule up some posts for the time I'm away. That being said, this will probably be my last live post before I take off on Monday night. See y'all in a little bit! I'll be on twitter until I leave and for intermittent periods during my trip!


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