Monday, 2 July 2012

Cult Nails Evil Queen

Hi everyone! Happy long weekend for all of my fellow Canadians out there!

Today I have a short-ish post featuring another polish from the Cult Nails Fairy Tale collection! Today I have Evil Queen, a gorgeous tomato red creme.

I was thinking this might be my least favourite out of the entire collection, mostly because it seemed like it was going to be one of those reds that really clash with my skin. Surprisingly, this doesn't really clash with my skin as much as I thought I would, and this creme is so glossy and amazing to apply that it has quickly jumped to the top of my list of favourite red polishes.

In  other news, I'm on a temporary ban on nail polish buying, unless Lac Attack decides to restock some of her polishes (I NEED Hell on Heels). I'm waiting for my jewellery supplies shipment to come in, and as soon as it does I'll make sure to finalize & open shop on Etsy (I'll have an announcement and link when I'm ready for that to happen!).

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope y'all have a good week. :)



  1. Hell on Heels is being restocked this week if you haven't managed to grab it yet ;)

  2. @ Tee Dee: Thank you so much!

    @ LacAttack: Thank you! I'm definitely going to try to snatch it up ASAP! :D


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