Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Butter London Trustafarian & Dodgy Barnett (Fall/Winter 2012 Collection)

Hi everyone!

I am super excited to bring you two polishes from the Butter London Fall/Winter Collection 2012! I hadn't even HEARD of this collection before, but while I was in a polish store in my area they had these polishes out already! One look and I HAD to have them (in true hoarder style). I think there are three other polishes in the collection, including a brick orange-red, a black glitter, and a primarily magenta pink and blue glitter polish in a clear base.

Today I have Trustafarian and Dodgy Barnett to share with you all!

 First up, we have Dodgy Barnett:

I'm a little bit disappointed with my pictures of Dodgy Barnett - colourwise they're fine, but the holo definitely didn't appear in my pictures as much as they do in person. The shade picture is about right (there isn't much holo if any at all) but the sun pictures are a bit sad. In the sun, this polish is really similar to the not-so-bling-holo version of Colour Club's Worth the Risque. If you have that polish, you don't really NEED this one. For a good indication of the holo-ness, the blurry shot shows the holo the most (bit I do this it's a smidgen more obvious than that).


Trustafarian is a pistachio green holo. My pictures of this are a bit more holo-accurate. I love this colour. I don't have many holos, but I do own China Glaze's L8tr G8tr, which is kind of similar... L8tr G8tr is more lime green, whereas Trustafarian is a more subdued green with a touch of murkiness.

Overall, these polishes both required 3 coats for opacity. I had no trouble with streaking or balding (like the Nfu Oh holos without aquabase... shudder) and these dried glossy (not matte like some holos). I would categorize these polishes as being in between the crazy linear holographics like the China Glaze OMGs and the Nfu Ohs and the scattered linear polishes (China Glaze Kaleidoscopes). The finish and type of holo in these is really similar to the Color Club holographic polishes - they don't look holographic in shade or low light settings indoors, but in the sun they sure are pretty.

For me, I'm not too picky about how holo-y my holographic polishes are - I like the diversity in finish since I wear whatever I feel like. I tend not to like the more matte holos (don't like the texture), so these are good for me. :D

Overall, I'm pretty happy with these polishes. Dodgy Barnett is similar to Worth the Risque (the version I have) so I probably could do without it, but I really love Trustafarian. I'm excited to see Butter London releasing some holographic polishes, since it seemed like most companies were shying away from holos... hopefully this means that more holo polishes -can- be made (even if these aren't like the OMGs). I hope this means Butter London (at least) can make more polishes like this in different shades. If they do, I'd definitely buy them. I hoard nail polish right? :P

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!



  1. Google led me to your swatches! These are beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on these!! Lovely pictures :)

  2. I love/need Trustafarian!

  3. The holo is quite strong with both of these :) Great swatches, your nails look amazing!

  4. Thank you all so much!! It seems like next year will be the year of the holos! :D


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