Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cult Nails Power Thief

Hi everyone!

Not many words today, since I have a quiz tomorrow and a lab final on Wednesday I need to study for (should be studying now, actually! Shh!)

What interesting things can I mention... hmm. I'm thinking of possibly doing a Spring cleaning blogsale if I can manage to figure out how much the shipping would be, and all of the complicated customs stuff. I'll probably consult one of my sisters on this (she does shipping stuff) so we'll probably be able to jointly figure something out. Also, my one year blog anniversary is coming up! I haven't decided on any prizes yet (actually I haven't really thought of it much) but a giveaway will be coming eventually. I'm probably going to miss the actual date since it's right smack dab in the middle of my final exams for this semester, but I'll try to make it happen sometime after that.

Anyway, already tons of rambling from me. :P

Today's polish is one I feel really bad about not posting earlier! It's from the Cult Nails Superpowers collection from this past Fall. check it out!

It's a gorgeous milk chocolate brown with tons of silver shimmer scattered through it!

Thank y'all for reading! :D



  1. Good luck with the school work.

    This manicure is Da Bomb!!!

    1. Sorry this is late, but thank you for the well-wishes Kimberly! :D


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