Saturday, 7 April 2012

China Glaze Agro

Hi everyone! I hope you all have something fantastic planned for Easter weekend!

Today I'm going to show you an amazing polish... I wasn't even planning on buying this one, but my sister bought it and when I put it on it was pretty much love at first brushstroke!

There are a LOT of pictures in this post, so lets get started...


Agro applied pretty much like butter! This is two coats. In these pictures it looks a bit brushstroke-y, but it wasn't really all that noticeable in person at all.

Lately I think I've been attrated to certain polishes because their names remind me of geeky things. I didn't even associate this polish with anything until I actually got it into my hands and read the name... and then I thought of this...

 Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Affectionately known by some (including myself) as Agro. Responsible for some crown galls that you see occasionally on tree trunks, and is very useful for introducing genetic constructs into plant cells.

Anyway... back to the polish. I wondered how this polish would look matte, so I put a coat of Matte Magic on top, and this is what happened...

I love it. It's awesome. I'm obsessed with matte finishes now, especially this matte shimmer thing. Adding a matte top coat to a shimmer just gives it so much more depth. I think I'm going to be using Maate Magic a lot more in the near future... :D

Thanks for reading! Happy Easter!



  1. This is my second favorite polish from this collection, with Riveting being my fave. But this looks great on you and it looks super cool matted/mattified :)

  2. Sorry for the late reply! Thanks so much!

    I can't wait to get Riveting and mattify it! I've been in love ever since I saw it matte on Fashion Polish (pretty sure it was on there!)

    I'm the most excited about smoke and ashes... I'm hoping that the shimmer/glitter in that one isn't too subtle. :D


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