Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Guest Post: Be Powerful with Nail Polish

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Sorry for lack of posts lately, I've been really stressed out and school has been keeping me busy. Luckily, I have a short-ish break between midterms, so I'm here again! Yay! I'm going to try to get a bunch of posts scheduled earlier, so I don't have to disappear suddenly again. 

Anyhow, today's post is a guest post by Jackie Clark from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. The subject of her guest post is near and dear to my heart.

Just a little nail art I did for the occasion...
Without further ado, here's Jackie:

"Every woman should feel beautiful in her own skin, no matter what her circumstance. Some of us have been dealt a different hand than others, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t cherish every moment and strive to look and feel our best. Women with a cancer diagnosis like mesothelioma, for instance, should still pride themselves on their beauty, both inside and out.

Believe it or not, one of the first steps to feeling good about yourself is feeling like you look good. When you feel confident in how you look, you will exude that confidence. You will be more motivated to tackle whatever the day may bring, and you will be more optimistic. Everybody feels better when she feels good about how she looks.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to look good. You don’t have to have a star transformation to make yourself feel beautiful. In fact, some of the smallest things you can do to alter your appearance are the most effective in making you feel better about yourself.

For example, one of the simplest things a woman can do to feel pretty is to simply get her nails done. If you don’t have the money to get them professionally done at a salon or simply don’t want to, that’s no problem. There are plenty of nail kits and polishes you can purchase in store.

Painting your nails can help alter your look and give you more confidence. For example, painting your nails a
vivacious crimson red can make you feel powerful, confident, sexy and alluring. Red is one of the most classic
and feminine colors of polish to paint your nails.

For a girly look, try painting your nails hot pink or light pink. Pastel colors of polish can help make you feel flirty and young. Try painting your nails a bright orange or green for a wilder, spunkier look. Add some real flair to your look by applying nail art to your nails.

Painting your nails can be fun for you as well as your friends. It can help you all uplift your spirits. You can start a nail painting group with your friends who have mesothelioma like you do. You can use that time to chit chat, gossip and provide support and understanding throughout treatment. Simply set nail painting dates, or set up dates when you can all meet at the salon and get your nails done together. Nothing makes a woman feel more special than being pampered at the salon. Not only is it a great way for you to socialize, but it’s a great way to relieve stress as well."

Thank you Jackie for your meaningful and informative post! If you would like to read more articles about this, Jackie has more article that can be found here. If any of you reading out there are affected by mesothelioma or any other kinds of cancer, I'm always around and willing to listen. I'm not really the most eloquent person ever, but if you ever need anyone to talk to (or just someone to listen!), my e-doors are always open. Feel free to drop me an email!


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