Saturday, 20 August 2011

OPI - Guy meets Gal-veston

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some prep for some scheduled posts while I'm away (we're leaving on the 25th), and yesterday was my swatching day. I was going to post a lot earlier, but I finally got around to editing all of the future post pictures (there were a lot) and now I'm too tired to talk much.

Today I have OPI's Guy meets Gal-veston from the Texas collection for y'all! This is the only polish I picked up, but I've always been meaning to get more.

Guy meet's Gal-veston is a yellow based red sorbet (i.e. jelly) finish polish. This was 3 coats. There is a little bit on visible nail line in the picture, but it isn't really as noticeable in person.

I really love jelly polishes.. I love their squishy look and smooth feel, so because of that I may go out sometime and pick up some of the other "sorbets" from the Texas collection.

Hmm, I'll also include this picture I snapped of a moth.. it landed on my lamp while I was reading and it looked like it really belonged there! I love the detail in the picture, so I purposely left it really huge.. I think it's super pretty, but Jen thinks it's gross. :P

That's all for now everyone, thank for reading! <3


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