Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Guest Post - Chanel Peridot by Jennifer

Hi everyone! 

My final exams are finally over! Hurrah!

After my exam today I decided to pop by the Sephora on my way home to see if they had any of the Peridot dupe, Diving in Malaysia. Unfortunately they didn't have any.. but I went to the nearest Chanel counter to see if they had any Morning Rose (was thinking about getting that as a gift) or Peridot.. just to oogle. Anyway, something must have happened, becuase if it didn't this post wouldn't be here. ;)

Jennifer wanted to guest blog this one, so (me being the nice sister I am) I'm letting her do this one. I hope y'all enjoy!

Hi everyone, it's Jennifer again. Marisa came home today and begged me not to be angry at her for spending a pretty penny on Chanel's Peridot. Well... it's a nice polish, so I can't say that I was very angry. I had a lot of fun putting it on because it's a very pretty gold duochrome with a blue- green tint.

I'll start with the usual swatch of Peridot. It's not sheer, but it isn't thick, either. It took me around 2-3 coats (the usual) to have it look completely opaque. The only thing I can really complain about this polish is that it's a bit streaky, which reminds me of Mermaid to Order by Sephora by OPI. I think the colour and duochrome is nice enough to make up for it, though.

This is Peridot in the sun. I didn't really go outside for this, but I found a patch of sun in the hallway from the skylight, so... yes. It turns into a bright gold in the sun, which is nice, and you can still see the blue-green tint along the edges of my nails. 

This picture is just to showcase the blue-green/ gold duochrome of this polish. If you hold the bottle at certain angles I find that it's easy to mistake Peridot for a teal-green colour... or perhaps that's just me. The colour in the bottle in this picture actually kind of reminds me of oil in water... like an oil slick. Uhm, with that potentially unpleasant thought put to the side, Peridot by Chanel is a very nice colour and worth the pretty penny.

That's all for now, so Marisa will hopefully now be posting regularly. 

- Jennifer

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