Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nfu Oh #64

Happy Saturday all!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Saturday. :)

I'm glad it seems like Jen enjoyed writing a guest post.. she does a lot more nail art stuff than I do, so I'm probably going to recruit her more often in the future when I'm super busy and don't have enough time to post.

Anyway, onto the nail polish of the day!

Nfu Oh #64 is a purple-pink linear holo (yay, shiny!), and is not to be confused with #63, which is a pink-purple linear holo. Admittedly, I actually find these two pretty similar.. to the point where I have to take them both out the box to compare them before I decide I have the right one in my hands.

#64 in the sun

#64 in the shade

I really love holographic polishes. #64 doesn't really look like much indoors (you can kind of see the holo, but it definitely isn't strong as some other holo polishes -- China Glaze L8r G8r is the one I have in mind right now) but when you go outside in the full sun, it's like a party on your nails!

A few notes about this polish before I leave you to go grocery shopping- if you're thinking about getting one of the Nfu Oh holos.. definitely consider getting the Aquabase. It was sold out when we ordered this, and applying these can be a pain in the rear. They have a tendency to leave bald patches when you do multiple coats and even with a light touch, it can still leave some pretty unsightly patches on your nails.

Another thing is that you may want to consider using ridge filler or buffing if your nails have lots of ridges (in the above pictures I didn't use any, and you can see some of my ridges).

Even though I had some trouble with application (I'm such a nub *sigh*) I think the finished product is definitely worth the trouble!

In other news: I'm planning on ordering some of the Glitter Gal Holographics (just 2... I'm limiting myself) when the new Dark Green holo (Lizard Belly) comes out, and I'm also getting the light blue one. I actually had a look at the list of polishes I'm planning on ordering within the next few months and the total is shocking. I have maybe 6 Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes on my list.. and of course I'm always looking forward to new Cult Nails stuff. I'm also going to get a new camera (not sure what kinda yet) and then I'm also going on a trip to the East coast in a week and a half.. so needless to say, my wallet is crying.

That's all for today folks, thanks for reading my rambling! As always, I really appreciate it!

Much love from the land of final exams and nail polish fumes,


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