Saturday, 16 March 2013


Hi everyone!

I'm sure you've all heard about the impending retirement of Google reader. There's a really cool app-ish thing called Bloglovin out there that also lets you keep up to date with all of your favourite blogs. I pretty much just started using this, but it seems pretty handy so far.

This post is also a bit of a shameless plug for my blog... Okay, not really shameless, because I am a bit ashamed of myself for doing this... but if you're on Bloglovin, feel free to follow my blog! If you do (or already do) I give you a virtual hug or high-five, if that's what you prefer. I'd also give you all cookies, but my virtual baking skills need some work (see Exhibit A, below).
Exhibit A: A virtual cookie. Made by yours truly. Those are supposed to be chocolate chips, by the way.
So, if you would like to, feel free to follow Lively Lacquer on Bloglovin!
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thank you for reading this post even though it doesn't feature nail polish! I promise you there's a post tomorrow (not the rest of the CG holos - sorry, there has been absolutely NO sun here for the past week!). In the meantime, here are some cute pictures of Sophie (my cat) and Yuki (my dog).

Thank you for reading! We'll be back to our (ir)regular posting starting tomorrow!



  1. LOVE your pets & i should totally do a 'my social networks aka where to follow me' post too %)

    1. Haha, thanks! I always find it really embarrassing to even ask people to follow or like something, but I guess it doesn't hurt if it's only occasional :P


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