Friday, 1 March 2013

Cult Nails Afterglow

Hi Everyone! I'm alive! Sorry for being away for so long, I've been really swamped these past few weeks with midterms, interviews, presentations... you know, school stuff. I lot of unexpected things happened too that really had me planning every day down to the minute.

I don't have any more interviews scheduled (kind-of thank goodness!), so I'm going to take this time to schedule some posts. I actually have a lot of really cool polishes that I've been dying to wear but haven't been able to because I haven't had time to change nail polish plus with all of the job interviews I've been just wearing OPI's Steady as She Rose pretty much non-stop. It's a great colour, don't get me wrong... but I've really been missing those brights!

Anyhow, I'll quit yammering about how crazy my life has been and get on to today's polish. I don't know why, but I left this polish in my untried for so long that it's now out of stock on the Cult Nails website. If I remember correctly, this collection was limited edition, so I don't know if this polish will come back into stock again. I certainly hope so, for the sake of everyone who hasn't gotten a bottle (and me, maybe for a back up!). It's fabulous. Crazy fabulous. I love it.

Just look at those pink sparkles. I dare you to click on the image and look at it full size. Amaaazing. I don't normally gravitate towards this colour (bronze isn't really my thing) but those pink sparkles make this polish unlike any other bronze-y polish I've seen before. I love this pink and bronze combination a lot. If I recall correctly, this polish was a bit on the sheer side - I think I used 3-4 thin coats. Worth every single one. This is right up there with Feeling Froggy as one of my all time favourite Cult Nails polishes ever.

What do y'all think?

Thank you so much for reading!


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