Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cult Nails Charming

Hi everyone!

I'm back! Actually, I got back last week, but I started at my new job (which is full time) and I've been pretty exhausted. I'm still adjusting to the hours, so my posting will be somewhat erratic for a while until I can figure out my schedule. I'm still feeling too pooped to actually edit some newer photos (I have a bunch of cool things to show y'all in the future!), so today's post is from the vault!

These photos of Cult Nails Charming have been stuck in my archives mostly because I feel like the colour isn't really accurate. The colour is a tad more red based than it appears in my photos (on my computer). Nonetheless, it is a really nice shade to have in my collection. It's a bit sheer, but I'm looking forward to trying to use it in a glitter sandwich... maybe with some of those indies I just bought off Llarowe. ;P

Hmm, I think that's all for today! I'm planning on enjoying a pretty laid back Sunday... I think that'll be easy considering it looks like it's going to rain outside!

Thanks for reading!


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