Tuesday, 8 May 2012

China Glaze Summer Neon Collection Part 2 (and some comparisions)

Hi everyone!

I was feeling pretty stressed out today (still am actually), this amazing course is being offered at another local-ish university and I reallllllllllly wanted to take it. Unfortunately, I only found out about it yesterday, and the registration deadline is tomorrow. I was told that the paperwork that needed to be done in order for me to take the course would take a few weeks (time I wouldn't have), so I'm most likely not going to be able to take it. Phooey.

Anyhow, aside from all of the somewhat depressing news (especially since I was super excited about it), I went out and managed to get my hands on the last 3 polishes from the Summer Neon collection! My set is complete! Yay! I also looked for the neons from the Poolside collection that was released a while ago, but my beauty supply store didn't have any of them in stock. Drat.

I have a bunch of pictures so a cut will be employed once again...

Recap: In the first post of neons, these were the 9 that were included: Left to Right: Splish Splash, Orange You Hot?, Beach Cruise-r, Love's a Beach, Ride the Waves, Pink Plumeria, I'm with the Lifeguard, Sun Kissed, and Surfin' for Boys

Here's a quick nail wheel swatch of the 9 together...

Left to Right: Love's a Beach, Beach Cruise-r, Ride the Waves, Splish Splash, I'm with the Lifeguard, Sun Kissed, Orange You Hot?, Surfin' for Boys, Pink Plumeria

Here are a few updated shots of the entire collection together in sets of 4.
L to R: Love's a Beach, Hang-Ten Toes, Under the Boardwalk, Beach Cruise-r

L to R: Orange you Hot?, Surfin' for Boys, Flirty Tankini, Pink Plumeria

L to R: Sun Kissed, I'm with the Lifeguard, Splish Splash, Ride the Waves
Whew. The three new polishes I'm going to show you today that weren't included in the previous 9 are: Flirty Tankini, Under the Boardwalk, and Hang-Ten Toes.

Flirty Tankini, Overcast natural light

Flirty Tankini, Artificial lighting
Flirty Tankini: This one is very similar in bottle to Pink Plumeria. The only difference between these two is that Flirty Tankini is a bit darker and has a bit more of an orange tinge to it.

Hang-Ten Toes: This polish is pretty much the same colour as a hot pink post-it note. My photos for this polish are a bit on the blue side, but I would describe this polish as being a blue-based pink. My second runner up choice for a barbie inspired manicure.

Under the Boardwalk: The second creme polish in this collection. In the bottle, this one looks really really similar to Beach Cruise-r. Under the Boardwalk is more opaque than Ride the Waves, and is opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on how thick or think you like to apply your polish. I edited the colours of this picture to make it more colour accurate. Beach Cruise-r (from the first set) is similar to this colour (if you look at the picture of Beach Cruise-r, you'll see what I'm trying to get at!).

Overall: I actually liked this collection. I wasn't really expecting to like it as much as I do, since I don't usually like the way neons make my skin look. For some reason, I feel like these neons don't have that same effect... possibly because these seem a bit more subdued than some of the neons I've seen in the past. These don't seem as blindingly bright, and dry with a more satin-y matte feel to them.

Here are some comparisons I've done so far. First up, we have a comparison of Flirty Tankini, Pink Plumeria and Flip Flop Fantasy.

L to R: Pink Plumeria, Flip Flop Fantasy, Flirty Tankini
Index, Ring: Flirty Tankini / Middle, Pinky: Flip Flop Fantasy

Index, Ring: Pink Plumeria / Middle, Pinky: Flip Flop Fantasy
The pictures above don't really do Flip Flop Fantasy any justice... it's really retina searing bright. In person, Pink Plumeria and Flirty Tankini look much more subdued compared to Flip Flop Fantasy.

Index, Ring: Under the Boardwalk / Middle, Pinky: Beach Cruise-r (Photo is edited to appear more true to colour)
This picture makes the difference between these polishes look really huge, but the difference is much more slight in person. The obvious difference between these two polishes is the shimmer, but the base colour is very similar between the two. The base colour of Beach Cruise-r is a bit lighter than Under the Boardwalk.

I like this collection, but I kind of wish that they made some of the colours more different (eg. Under the Boardwalk, Beach Cruise-r) instead of being so similar. I know in the case of Under the Boardwalk and Beach Cruise-r, there's shimmer involved, but still. If you're on a budget, I think having one of them is enough (unless you really like both finishes!).

Whew. That's all for now! I'm still hoping to track down those other neons for comparison purposes... wish me luck! Thanks for reading!



  1. Ugh, I keep seeing these & I'm convincing myself to just go on and buy the whole collection!

  2. Thanks for the comparisons!!! I've been looking for a comparison between Flirty Tankini and Flip Flop Fantasy as I just cannot decide between the two... I think this helped me to decide on Flirty Tankini, or I might just get both! :)


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