Monday, 26 September 2011

China Glaze Winter Ice set and Twinkle Lights for Winter/Holiday 2011

Hi everyone!

Sorry I didn't manage to post over the weekend, I was totally going to post this yesterday, but daylight left me before I could take a picture of the last polish.

I found these at one of my usual nail polish haunts while I was out looking for some goodies for a giveaway. I'm still working on the prize for the mentioned giveaway.. there's one particular polish I want to include but I haven't gotten it yet. When I do, I'll write up a formal giveaway post. :D

I was expecting them to have the Halloween collection out, but they didn't.. and they had these out instead! I had a pickle of a time trying to decide which polishes to get (I loved these ones, but I feel like I should have gotten at least one of the Christmas cremes.. ah, maybe next time), but in the end this set was purchased with Twinkle Lights and some extra stuff for the giveaway!

I have a ton of photos for this so I'm going to try something new and try using a cut. Let's hope it works!

The Winter Ice set includes 4 polishes:

Blue Year's Eve - A blue foil with a hint of purple sparkle in the bottle
Tinsel Town - Gunmetal grey with small silver glitter and slightly larger silver hexagonal glitter
Icicle - Silver foil
Snow Globe - Ah, I'm at a loss to describe this one. Multi-colour glitter?

Additionally I purchased Twinkle Lights, which is a mix of gold, green, and red glitter in a clear base.

Standard silver foil. Nothing too exciting, but I was thinking this might be nice for stamping. I'll probably try one day.. if I ever get around to it! I didn't have any trouble with brushstrokes at all, the polish dried quickly and it applied easily in 2 coats.
Icicle (2 coats)
Icicle w/ one coat Snow Globe (Ring and Index) and one coat Twinkle Lights (Pinky, Middle)
Tinsel Town
A very pretty gun metal grey base chock full of silver glitter. Usually I'm not really a big fan of grey glitters, but I really liked this one! It reminds me of coal. :D
This covered in 3 coats. As with most glitters, it has that pretty rough texture unless you put a top coat over it. Removal is also a pain in the rear (like most glitters..).

By the way, I'm kind of reflected in the picture (that's why some glitter bits look pink) LOL
Tinseltown (3 coats)
Snow Globe
This polish is definitely best layered. I don't mind it on its own, but I'd rather layer it over something because on my bare nail it reminds me of some kind of sickness.. lol
Opalescent glitter in a clear base. Removal was a pain in the rear (ah, the things I do for glitter..).
Snow Globe (2 coats)
Snow Globe (2 coats)
Twinkle Lights
When I first saw the promo pictures for this collection a while ago, I was the most excited about this polish. There's something about Christmas themed glitter that really attracts me. This polish is similar to last year's Party Hearty, but all of the glitter is normal sized. The formula on this one is kind of weird, it's pretty thick (glitter wise) and it's easy to get it unevenly distributed on your nails when applying. I think this one could do with a little bit more base to suspend the glitter.
Twinkle Lights (1 coat)
Twinkle Lights (2 coats)
Blue Year's Eve
Ah, the last (of this set) but definitely not the least. I must say I was probably the least excited about this polish when I purchased it. It reminded me strongly of OPI's DS Magic, but it turns out it's a little bit different (comparison later). I love this polish! It glows and I couldn't be happier. There's a tiny bit of purple duochrome but it's not that noticeable on the nail and I couldn't get a decent picture of the purple with my camera because this was so glow-y. Love it. Application was okay, it needed 3 coats and the drying time was average.
Blue Year's Eve (3 coats)
Blue Year's Eve w/ Snow Globe on ring and index, and Twinkle Lights on middle and pinky
So.. what do you all think? I definitely like Blue Year's Eve the most out of all of these guys.. I'm kind of disappointed about Snow Globe (cuz I don't like it on its own), but I think I need to find the right colour to layer it over before I reach a final verdict on that one.

Psst. I have new bottles of Blue Year's Eve, Snow Globe and Twinkle Lights for my giveaway, which will hopefully be up by the end of this week!

And that's all for now, I'll try to pop in again later on this week, but if not I hope you all have a great week!



  1. Ahhh, I think I'm going to need all of these. Blue Year's Eve is better than I was expecting - it's so pretty!

  2. Oh my gosh I NEED Snow Globe!!

  3. Thank you both!! <3

    Nicole- I was debating on getting it or not in the store! I'm so glad I got it now :D

  4. Since I'm not a glitter fan-I can skip this whole collection!! I love dark colors and so fall is usually the season that kills my bank account! The rest of the year usually does nothing for me!

  5. I got a snow globe in the mail today!

  6. @Fingers - haha, you're so lucky! I'm the complete opposite so most of the seasons rob my bank account! XD

    @Imfeelingnail-venturous - that's awesome! I love snow globes!! :D

    Thank you all for your kind comments ^_^


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