Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sephora + Pantone Parachute Purple

Hi everyone! Hope ya'll are having a good Sunday!

The weather here definitely took a turn towards miserable here... the forecast is for rain all week! I've been fairly busy at work, so I haven't been able to do my nails as often as I would like. I also haven't been as inspired lately, so I've taken to wearing some of my favourite colours that have come out over the past year without anything special.

That being said, today's polish is from the vault!

When I first saw Parachute Purple in store, I immediately thought that it was the closest dupe (maybe even dead on dupe) for Rescue Beauty Lounge's Scrangie. Even though I own Scrangie, I couldn't resist buying a bottle of Parachute Purple (for half the price of Scrangie, who can?). I initially intended on using PP as a way to save my precious bottle of Scrangie from being used up, but I actually think I like PP more than Scrangie.

Parachute Purple only requires two coats of polish to reach opacity (compared to Scrangie's many). However, there is a drawback... since it is so opaque, the shimmer in PP is more subtle. Also, the base colour in PP is more blue toned (as opposed to red leaning a la Scrangie).

I like Parachute Purple more than Scrangie... I don't mind the more subtle shimmer PP has, and the bluer base looks better on my skin tone. I also like the fact that I only have to use 2 coats that dry relatively fast... but then again, I usually layer Scrangie over another polish so I don't necessarily need to use many coats there either.

Which do you prefer more, Parachute Purple or Scrangie? I think if you missed out on Scrangie, Parachute Purple is probably the best alternative that is currently out there. I generally avoid RBL polishes because I find the hidden shimmer always a bit too hidden for my taste, and the price point ($20/bottle) including international shipping (another $20) is wayyy too expensive for me. I also make it a rule never to blow over $200 on nail polish in one go, so unless I'm buying with other people, I probably won't ever reach the free shipping requirements. :P

Thank you so much for reading! xoxo


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